True North Advertising | Pocono MapAre you paying for advertising in a lot of different places? Are you not getting found by visitors to the area and seeing the number of customers that you’d like? Or maybe your business is tucked away off the beaten track and visitors aren’t sure where you are located in relation to other area attractions, resorts and points of interest. If you’ve tried local magazines, internet, and local directory advertising and are frustrated by the lack of response, now is the time to get your business on the map!

The Carbon County Map is an illustrated pocket map that tourists love. For one price, you get year round advertising on the map itself, on our internet page, and on social media sites. With the Carbon County Map, the business will find you!

True North Advertising | Pocono Map
Tourists love illustrated pocket maps. They’re easy to read and take the tourist right to the door of their chosen restaurant, bar, resort, or attraction. Tourists also look for illustrated maps as a nice keepsake and reminder of their holiday. We distribute more than 70,000 maps each year to more than many local venues including:


  •     » local businesses
  •     » attractions
  •     » information centers
  •     » resorts & hotels
  •     » B&Bs
  •     » Restaurants, Diners, & Pubs
  •     » real estate and builder offices



True North Advertising | Pocono Map
The map shows major highways that lead both locals and tourists to the many activities, dining, shops, attractions, accommodations that the Poconos has to offer. Illustrated by a local artist, it’s both fun and functional. The map is small enough to fit into a pocket and yet brings customers to everything there is to see in the area – the natural and historic beauty of the area, parks, places of interest and community landmarks – and your business too! It’s a one-stop local guide.

True North Advertising | Pocono MapThe beauty of the Carbon County Map is that you get all year round advertising, in a huge number of places, for just one affordable price.

For this singular price, you get your business on the map for a year, which is constantly being distributed to businesses in the Carbon County Poconos and surrounding counties of Monroe, Northampton, and the Lehigh Valley. So you can set your advertising and then forget about it while the customers come to you!

But that’s not all… You also get online advertising at no extra cost! The map blankets the area in print, but it also has an online interactive equivalent. Direct navigation brings return visitors to the website where they can click on a link taking them directly to your business’ website or to a contact email address. They can browse an interactive map or search for events in the area. They’ll be planning their next visit to your venue in no time!

One more bonus… Also included in the price are profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. For no extra charge, we’ll post your events, programs, special offers, and cool happenings to, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We love to brag about our customers and what they can offer!

True North Advertising | Pocono MapTrue North Advertising | Pocono Map

True North Advertising | Pocono Map
Make it easy for consumers to find your business and reserve Your Spot today
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“In order for our area to grow and thrive, especially in such a sensitive economy, businesses need to help each other. Another common goal in the Carbon County area is to make it easier for residents to use local shops and services as well as bring new and return visitors to the area. The Carbon County Map makes it simple and affordable for small, local businesses in the area to reach a wide audience at once, all year round. Shops, restaurants, attractions, and hotels in the area can be a part of this map to help themselves as well as distribute the map to current customers to help others thrive in the area, bringing more and more customers back to the area again and again.”

Dawn Ferrante

Carbon County Economic Development Corp.


“I’m proud to say Riverwalck Saloon is pictured on each Carbon County Map and offers the 4th edition of a True North map to customers daily. Riverwalck Saloon is a little more out of the way than some of the other restaurants in the area, not being part of a downtown area that catches foot traffic. The Carbon County Map has led many more customers who seek a dining experience like ours to Riverwalck than there would be otherwise. Customers that already know we are here are happy to pick up a map on their way out to continue their adventures in the area.”

Christine Schwarz


Riverwalck Saloon